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Frank Mir? Wow, he beat Brock Lesnar, who has no experience, how does that put him at #5? Before that he got his ass handed to him by non-contender Brandon Vera, who by the way destroyed Frank mir in the first friggin round. I agree with your top 3, but thats about it.

Leigh Lefebvre

let's see
first of all, now I get to say I told you so about Werdum

I wouldn't include Kongo in my top 10, and probably include both Lesnar & Velasquez

douglas howser

This is the worst ranking of heavyweights I've seen on any website. Andrei Arlovski is ranked 2nd? Who has he beaten? He did alright against Fedor until he got knocked out, but I don't see why that means he should be ranked second. Barnett is also ranked too highly in this ranking. He hasn't beaten anyone great in 2 and a half years. Ranking Aleksander Emelianenko at 7 just makes absolutely no sense. Ranking Tim Sylvia at number 6 while not even ranking Randy Couture doesn't make any sense either. I'm guessing that the people that made this are diehard pride fans.

douglas howser

I agree that Lesnar should be in there as well.

Jeremy Kinnear

I think this ranking is a crock

Jordan Small

Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar DO NOT, let me repeat, DO NOT deserve to be on that list over anybody. Lesnar, at 3-1 defeated heath herring by laying on him for 3 rounds (Jake O'Brien did the exact same thing if you don't recall) and Couture was out for over a year and then lost in his return. Big Tim is approaching the same and as soon as a year hits, he'll be out of the rankings. AA and Barnett at 2 and 3, well that is just about every rankings out there so I don't quite know what you are talking about... at all. Aleks Emelianenko, 6 fight win streak (all Kos or subs in round 1) and people are refusing to fight him ALA Barnett and Cro Cop. the UFC heavyweights really aren't that great.. it's called hype.. and Lesnar, Gonzaga, Velasquez to name a few are very overhyped and it's unfortunate you can't tune Dana White out long enough to relieaze that. Expand your MMA :)


ray mercer should be in the top ten


Ray mercer??? Thats a joke right!!


If Fedor doesn't sign with the ufc I think he should be moved back to # 2 on the lbs 4 lbs list behind GSP. Dana and the ufc offered him a great deal if he don't take it then he all about the money. I love fedor but man come on. Pls don't let us down. In saying that, I also think that brock will be able to beat him. Only way fedor wins is if he does what he did to Tim, Jusm in and knock him out. Man you never know what could happen in a fight like that. Any thoughts?


I hope he signs with the UFC but unfortunately neither of us have seen the contract and therefore don't know what was exactly offered to Fedor. Can Brock beat Fedor? Yes. Can Fedor beat Brock any way he wants? Yes... Lesnar is a wrecking machine and deserves to be the number 2 or 3 HW but Fedor is just on a different level than everybody man, I'd go with Fedor all day.

Gary Whittaker

Despite my own objections to the fact that Fedor has not fought a quality opponent in the prime of their careers since 2004, he is undoubtedly one of the best HW's out there. However, I completely agree with Dana White in that if he does not actively fight the best, then screw him and the rankings.

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